the winter albatross visuals

Winter in the northeast is as beautiful as it is unforgiving and it is as lonely as it is cold. Morning is ushered in each new day like first light struck a deal with the passing night, but no deal too long where eve's dusk would later have to fight. Far off any surfer's dream destination map, the shores of New England swirl with light drifts of snow that often echo the laughs and memories of a distant and playful summer's past. With no cameras abound, no industry egos to shout, no media outlets to exploit, no trodden paths to follow, with barely a passing beachgoer to point, you will see them slipping into the sea ever so gently as day wakes out of night. And in that fleeting moment you might just catch a glimpse or maybe even a glare, of a New England surfer, that without a care has just disappeared back into that very thin air.

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